Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hot and exhausting...must be summertime!

It is June 19th and I am wondering where the summer is going.  We finally finished up school earlier this month and have been keeping busy since then...but I am wondering how to slow time down so we can actually enjoy this time without school.

Last week we visited my sister in Oldham County and went swimming in her pool.  It was a fun time spent with cousins, swimming and bar-b-queing...but I was completely exhausted when we returned.  This week, we have a few park dates planned, but Big J has Twilight Camp with Cub Scouts each evening.  This makes for a tiring, hot, exhausting week.  Did I mention tiring...and exhausting?!?! 

So, how to keep cool in the extreme heat with lots of activities?  I'm thinking about investing in a pool...you know, one of those plastic kiddie type pools that eventually gets a crack in it and no longer holds water.  But, oh the bliss of having some cool water to dunk my feet in while the kids pour water on my legs!  We sat outside for a total of 10 minutes earlier today and had to come in to escape the heat.  It could definitely be worse out there, but we lack what some people would refer to as "shade" in our backyard.  We would have to go into the side yard or front yard for shade and that is much too close to a major road for my liking.

Chillin' in last year's pool
How are you keeping cool this summer?  We have had the sprinkler out and filled water bombs already.  Anything fun or exciting you do to keep it cool?