Monday, September 13, 2010

Where is the time going?!?! it really mid-September?

Anyhow - I just looked at a calendar and we are already 47 days into this beautiful journey.  We've learned quite a bit already.  I am amazed by these little cuties daily.  Sometimes I look at what they are learning and wonder how I ever learned this stuff with 30 other kids distracting me.  I'm still wondering, actually!

Big J's phonics is on full-speed-ahead right now.  We are through all the long vowel sounds and have moved into blends and unusual sounds.  Now, when he reviews, I have to remind him "sometimes a makes the short u sound" or "er, ir and ur all make the ir sound, like in girl", etc.  He's getting it tho, and Mommy couldn't be prouder.  He also wrote the Greek alphabet today!  It was awesome.  He did a nice job...especially since he hates handwriting.  It was cool since I knew alot of the letters.  My engineering degree actually helped with homeschooling my first grader.  Who knew?!?!

Boo is starting to learn the letter sounds we have covered.  When I say a sound she can show me the letter.  She is struggling more with "what sound does this word start with" exercises.  She'll get there.  Mommy just needs some patience.  She is LOVING all the activities that go along with her themes.  We made "bird's nests" today out of rice krispy cereal, coconut and some gooey stuff to hold it together and then ate them.  They tasted scrumptious...did they hold together and look like bird's nests?  Absolutely not!  Did she love making them?  Absolutely!  Did it matter if they held together?  Let's just say, they are gone and we made them around 10:30 this morning.

My sweet KK is now in preschool.  She is loving it, but Mommy is soooo sad.  I will survive tho...

All my munchkins (minus Little J) have started a music lesson of some form.  The girls are doing a Musikgarten class and Big J is taking piano.  These kids LOVE music!  It is amazing to watch them with this extracurricular.  Big J is also doing Cub Scouts and 4-H.  Boo is doing American Heritage Girls and 4-H.  KK is a little jealous at times.  I keep reminding her she can do these things next, she gets to go to preschool.  I think the other 2 might get a little jealous of that.  I don't think they want to go to school...they just want to go back to preschool!  lol

Well, I should go to bed.  We have an early morning tomorrow!  Good night...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Allergies - ugh!

We are all suffering this week!  Big J, Boo, Little J and myself have been on a constant supply of Zyrtec.  I almost wish we could buy it in bulk or something. 

We were told to give Little J his medicine right before can cause drowsiness, they told me.  So, I informed J Sr. of this (since he does the nighttime ritual) and I thought we were set.  Apparently, not!  He skipped the meds on Tuesday and I paid for it Wednesday.  Poor little guy had the cough back (had to do his inhaler) and his eyes were all pink and watery.  I was forced to do his Zyrtec at naptime.  Ugh!  I think we are finally back on schedule.  I also had to dose Big J and Boo with Zyrtec yesterday as they woke up coughing and miserable.  I think that basically set the tone for our day yesterday. 

Lesson learned...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

We have our good days and our BAD days.

Today was a BAD day.  Boo was great...she did her work, did it well and went on her merry way.  Big J was another story.  I could tell in the first 2 minutes it was not going to go well.  He was not remembering anything I was saying, he was staring off into space, writing sloppily, not really putting much effort in at all.  After trying, unsucessfully, to get him to read his phonics words, I gave up.  No sense beating a dead horse.  He's been in a funk all day and even his piano teacher commented on it.  Most days it is me who wakes up on the wrong side of the, it was Big J!

That isn't to say that I haven't had some days lately when I have been in a funk.  Yesterday was my funky day and it is semi-carrying over into today.  Boo commented on my discipline style yesterday, Big J said he'd rather have Daddy home all day and I just started to feel low.  I know they are just kids and I shouldn't let their words affect me so...I know, but my heart directs me otherwise.  I have strived to be in a better mood today and I have accomplished that, to some degree.  Right now the kids are in their "resting time" and Mommy is enjoying a few quiet moments to herself.  They are refreshing!  I think I just need a good, old-fashioned night out.  No kids.  No husband.  Just me and maybe a friend I might allow to come.  Wouldn't that be nice?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 36 of homeschooling...

I can't believe we have made it this far!  The kids have been so good and trying so hard.  Admittedly, we have good days and bad days, but who doesn't? 

We have had many fun activities planned this year.  We have visited the Creation Museum, the Zoo, parks, an apple orchard, etc.  The kids really love getting to visit other places and I love getting out of the house!  Almost every trip we plan is for after we do school that day and usually relates to the topic.  For instance, we went to an apple orchard on Monday after Boo started her unit on apples.  It is really alot of fun to tie real life into school.  I don't remember learning being linked to real life when I was growing up.  If nothing else, my kids will know that what they study has real life applications.

On a side note, KK started preschool today.  Yes, I am homeschooling the other 2 but was not prepared to homeschool them and a preschooler!  She also needs to learn about listening, self-control, following directions, etc.  I can teach her these things but I didn't want to overwhelm myself the first year!  She loves it, so I do too!  Maybe when Little J is ready to start preschool I will be better prepared to teach it...maybe.