About Me..and the fam!

Hi!  I am a Christian wife/mother/daughter/sister/aunt/cousin/friend who loves to homeschool, cook, read, relax and spend time with her family.  My husband, J Sr. is my rock.  He is a mechanical engineer and brings home the bacon so I can fry it in the pan.  This arrangement works well for us...he likes bacon and I love cooking! OK, full disclosure...no one loves bacon like I do.
Big J is our oldest and is 12 years old (seriously...how did that happen?).  He is so sweet, loving and all boy.  He loves everything Star Wars, Lego and Pokemon and is the best big brother in the world. 
Boo is 10 years old (again, how did that happen?) and is very sweet, smart and cunning.  She has some health issues which have led us to shelter and baby her more than we should.  Our mistake, not hers...but has led her to be very dependent on us.  She has really started to become her own little person recently, and it is fun to watch. Some days she actually acts like a pre-teen! Well, those days aren't as much fun. It is good to see her "act her age" every once in a while, tho.
KK is 9 years old (see other kids) and extremely smart and independent.  She started climbing ladders at 13 months (real ladders, onto the roof), using utensils at 13 months and was doing 100 piece puzzles at 3.  She drives me crazy!  She has such a passion for girlie things that I do not know what to do with her. She loves to dance, pick out clothes and has found a passion for boots like nothing I've seen before. We are in trouble!
Little J is the baby.  He's 100% boy, spoiled and HUGE!  Don't let his nickname fool ya, he's a big one.  He is 6, loves superheroes, and enjoys making us all crazy.  He is such a smart, whimsical, loving little boy. I can't imagine my life without him, even when he is driving everyone insane.
My career was as an environmental engineer until I had Big J.  That day changed me in many ways.  I doubt I'll ever be an "engineer" again.  I have finally found my calling.