Monday, April 2, 2012

It has been toooooo long...

I have not posted on here in forever.  Life has been crazy...with 4 kids, differing health issues in our home and outside of it, and just a whirlwind of issues that comes with marriage, children and homeschooling.

Well, J Sr. is on a business trip this week and I am just trying to stay sane.  He just left after church yesterday and I'm already losing it!  Why is it that I can't even handle 1 night with him away? 

On to other things...we are about finished with our 2nd year of HSing.  The kids have done a marvelous job this year and it has been alot of fun adding KK into the mix.  She is like a sponge, soaking up everything I've taught her like it is the most natural thing in the world.  She really amazes me!  She's also loving dance class and has a recital in May.  The whole family is excited!  I truly LOVE her dance teacher and the fact that it is a Christian dance studio.  All of the music is Christian music...and the girls are so sweet and wonderful there.  I have not one single complaint.

KK smiling pretty for the camera
Boo is struggling with school this year.  We have had her tested for ADHD and the signs point to that condition.  We are hoping that her brain can start focusing once we get her on medication.  I know what many are thinking...why medicate?  Well, we've been struggling with learning for quite some time.  She is barely at a Kindergarten level at the end of her 1st grade year (agewise).  She truly struggles.  School is not fun for her, she is way behind KK and her self-esteem is started to take a hit.  Why wouldn't we medicate, at this point?  If the meds do not work, we'll know it and know to look further into Learning Disabilities for her.  We've had her tested through a local professor of education, but he found nothing to indicate a certain LD.  If ADHD meds do not work, we will then visit with a neuropsychologist to determine exactly what we are dealing with here.  She is also passionate about horses now and will start riding lessons this spring/summer.  We love this little girl so much and only want the best for her!

Boo and her boots

Big J is learning and learning...except for spelling.  I tell ya, that is one subject that he'll never get.  Of course, J Sr. struggled immensely with it too.  I, on the other hand, have always done well with that subject.  Everyone's different, I suppose.  Big J also hopes to grow up to become a Ninja.  Hey, I'm sure there are new ninjas learning the art all the time...and who am I to squelch his dream?  I do think it will be extremely difficult for my hyper boy to be quiet and stealth-like...but maybe these can be learned behaviors?!?!

Big J with "Who Dey" from the Bengals

Little J is growing like a weed...a very large, overpowering weed!  He will be 3 in July and he is the same size as most 5 year olds.  He recently suffered from hand foot and mouth disease and carrying him around nearly broke my back!  He is a cutie tho and does tend to put a smile on my face.  He loves Superman and anything superhero-ish.  He's also into Lego Ninjago.  Does he sound like a little Big J, or what?! 

Super Little J!
Well, overall we are doing well.  We've had a rough past year...but we are looking ahead and trusting that God will deliver us on the other side anew.  Praying for you and yours this Easter season!