Thursday, June 23, 2016

More random pics from random days

We recently ended the 2015-2016 school year. We, of course, started this school year in Kentucky and ended it in Italy. I am so proud of these little angels for their perseverance, willingness and positivity. They have kept me sane the last 6 months! I must also say, homeschooling has kept us all sane. School having continuity kept us from getting extremely frazzled. We have even started a chore chart with math worksheets every week, just to keep us fresh, learning and busy!

 He finished his 1st grade workbook! Yay Little J! No more phonics for this guy. :)

 Every occasion deserves a silly face photo, don't ya think?!?!

 KK delivering her report on the Plains Indians - specifically the Blackfoot Tribe

 J Jr. is presenting the Five Civilized Tribes - Chickasaw in particular

Because they did such a good job with school, and because we hadn't been there before, we went to the Car Museum after church the next Sunday. I must say, it is a well-planned and laid out museum. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also enjoyed my kebab plate from the local kebab joint...but that is not part of the museum!

 This guy never wanted to disembark from the ride. Trust me, it wasn't that exciting. I guess when you are 6, any ride is exciting!

Around this time, we also went on a hike to Casa Canada. This house was the house the Canadian team used for the 2006 Olympics. It is at a pretty amazing location where many people go to rock climb. While we were there, a helicopter came to rescue a man that had fallen and hit his head. They were afraid of a heart attack, so wouldn't allow him to climb back down. It was a pretty cool thing to see, especially since the man was in good spirits and looked pretty good when he passed us on the stretcher.

Sign for Casa Canada

A crooked, majority of the family picture...someone was itchy from the weeds

Do boys always have to do a fighting warrior pose? Yes, I think they do!

He fell in love with this tree. The itching was gone by this time.

One is in warrior/fight pose, the other is in "I don't want to fall off this rock" pose

This guy feels every rock is far, he's been right.

Casa Canada

Tired from the hike up

It is hard to see...but there is a rock climber on there. If you can zoom in, I think he's on the edge in bright clothes.

See above comments


Safe travels and get well to our injured fellow hiker

I'm not sure if I've posted this to the blog or not...but it is worth the viewing. The kids have become obsessed with Weird Al (my fault, totally my fault!) and came into the kitchen dressed like this one day. They were doing their rendition of "I'm Fat". HAHAHAHA

KK is the class clown but a little modest when it comes to pics...she was hiding behind Jacob in all of them!

I think that is everything from before our Venice trip. One of these days I will post about that trip. Today is not that day! Un abbraccio!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

It's been a long time

Well, the blog has been sacrificed for spending time with the kids, finishing up the school year, going on trips. Sorry blog, but I'd rather spend time with real people. I had no idea how much time and effort would go into a blog. From now on, there will be more pictures and less talk. I just can't maintain this and stay sane. Sorry everyone!

Lunch and Egyptian Museum with great friends.

 One exciting thing that happened this past month was the Giro d'italia went right through our village! We were able to go and watch the bikers ride by, which is pretty exciting considering this is a pretty big race in the bike racing world. I love that my kids are getting such amazing experiences. Most things can't be taught out of a book...

 You can drive this baby without a license at age 16. This one had a "Big America" sticker on it. It was in the parking lot at the supermarket.

We went to watch Joe's coworker do motorcross. We all enjoyed it!

Another day, we went for a hike near the house. This was at the picnic area. The kids did not love being in this tree. :) We were actually in the clouds on our hike. It was so cool!

Hiking in the clouds

We finally, finally were able to see Palazzo Madama. We have tried 3 times prior to this visit. One thing I've learned is to never assume anything will be open. Always, always have a backup plan. These pics were all taken in the beautiful gardens.

 He loves her...don't let that face fool ya!

Playing in the water fountain

I think I'll stop this post here. I have many other pictures and a trip to Venice to write about, but this seems like a good stopping place. Arrivederci!